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I’m an IT specialist and I also fix computers in my spare time as a second job and hobby. I’m always testing out the best tools that will help me get the job done. One of my co-workers told me about Restoro. I started using this tool and it has done wonders. I barely have to do work now because Restoro does it all and fast too.

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Restoro saved me from purchasing a new computer. It was well worth the investment.

Major Flaw Allows Anyone to See Links You Share on Facebook Messenger

Have you ever sent your friend a link to something funny on Facebook Messenger? There’s a chance that someone you don’t know has seen that link. A quirk in Facebook’s developer tools lets anyone see links others have shared using Facebook Messenger – and Facebook doesn’t plan on fixing this problem anytime soon. If you don’t think that’s a problem, then take a look back through the links you’ve sent to people on Facebook. There’s a good chance there are links to private YouTube videos, private cloud files, and other sensitive information. The flaw was discovered by security researchers at Checkpoint and then expanded on by researchers at Medium. How Does the Flaw Work? Without getting too technical, here’s the basic version of how the Facebook Messenger flaw works: -Every link you share – as well as everything that’s ever been shared to Facebook – is assigned an identification number ...

Why PC Gamers Should Be Excited for E3 2016

E3 has always been focused on console gaming. PC gaming, for all its superiority, has always been a secondary part of the show. That’s probably going to be the same at this year’s E3 2016. However, there are still plenty of reasons to get PC gamers excited about this year’s gaming extravaganza. Here are a few reasons to get hyped. Virtual Reality Virtual reality will inevitably come to consoles. But for now, it’s a part of the gaming industry dominated by PCs. Virtual reality titles may appear at E3 2016. Big name publishers haven’t yet committed to bringing A-list titles to VR, but that could change in the future. Meanwhile, indie developers are picking up the slack, creating fantastic games like Fantastic Contraption for the HTC Vive. E3 2017 should feature more VR titles. But we should get a good appetizer at E3 2016. Xbox One Games Unifying with PC ...

New Study Shows Phishing Attacks Still on the Rise in 2016

Phishing attacks are literally as old as the internet. You would think people would have outsmarted phishing attacks by the time 2016 rolled around. Unfortunately, according to a new report, that’s not the case. A new report from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) revealed that there were more phishing attacks during the first quarter of 2016 “than at any other time in history.” The study cited a huge spike in phishing activity between October 2015 and March 2016, where incidents rose as much as 250% compared to the average. Phishing, for those out of the loop, is a tactic attackers use to trick you into giving up personal information online. They use a lure – like an emailed request – to convince you to give up your credit card data, Social Security Number, and other private information. APWG recorded a steady rise in attacks from October to March. There were ...

5 Things You Need to Know About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has officially been announced. Some are calling the title confusing, but I like it: nobody calls the first Battlefield game (Battlefield 1942) Battlefield 1. So the spot was open for the taking. Why not make it a World War I shooter? Indeed, DICE is taking the series to a place where only mods have taken us before: the damp, dark, desolate battlefields of the First World War. Within a few days of appearing online, the Battlefield 1 launch trailer became the most-liked video in YouTube history. Clearly, gamers are excited about the latest instalment in one of the world’s best shooter franchises. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at 5 things you need to know about Battlefield 1: 5) It’s Already Being Praised for Its Historical Accuracies It’s easy to make a game set in the future: you can literally just make up everything as ...

The Top 5 Best Strategy Games Ever Released on PC

Most major video games today are released across consoles and the PC. Strategy games, however, have long remained a quintessential PC gaming experience. Maybe it’s the fact that the controls translate best to keyboard and mouse. Or maybe, as elitist PC gamers believe, it’s because console gamers find the games too complicated and difficult. Whatever the reason may be, here are the best 5 strategy games ever released onto the world’s best gaming platform (in no particular order). Civilization V I’ve played dozens of role playing games before. But Civilization V is the only game I’ve ever played where I can really feel like I’m making important decisions on a grandiose scale. And it’s not even a role playing game! Should I feign friendship with my neighbor Germany for centuries, despite secretly knowing I need their port city capital for future expansion? Should I rush to research nuclear technology just ...

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