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I’m an IT specialist and I also fix computers in my spare time as a second job and hobby. I’m always testing out the best tools that will help me get the job done. One of my co-workers told me about Restoro. I started using this tool and it has done wonders. I barely have to do work now because Restoro does it all and fast too.

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Restoro saved me from purchasing a new computer. It was well worth the investment.

This Year’s Call of Duty Will Feature a Remastered Version of the Original Modern Warfare

For the past few months, rumors about a remastered Modern Warfare have heated up. This past week, those rumors reached red-hot status, as the official Call of Duty Twitter account all but confirmed that a remaster was in the works. Remember how several years ago Call of Duty teased a new game by adding Snapchat codes to Black Ops 2? The marketing department of Call of Duty is clearly up-to-date on the latest social media marketing strategies. Which is why today’s development was so significant. All that happened today was that the official Call of Duty account replied to a tweet. That reply didn’t even contain any words. It just contained two small symbols. Here’s how the Call of Duty Twitter account replied to the tweet (that tweet was nearly 1.5 years old, by the way): Most people are taking that emoji-packed tweet as confirmation that a remastered version is ...

Top 4 First Person Shooters Being Released in May 2016

Typically, the biggest FPS games of the year – like Call of Duty and Battlefield – are released in the fall. This year, however, some of the best first person shooters are being released in May. Sure, other people may be geeking out about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. But some of this year’s biggest shooters are being released over the next 4 weeks. Without further ado, here are the top 4 best first person shooters being released in May 2016. Battleborn Scheduled for release on May 3, Battleborn will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Battleborn will likely cater to a different demographic than the typical Call of Duty crowd. The game is similar to Overwatch in that it feels a group of unique heroes who must team together “to protect the universe’s vary last star from a mysterious evil”, according to the game’s official website. Battleborn ...

Podcasts Now Available in Google Play Music

It took a long time, but Google has finally made podcasts available in Google Play Music. To date, millions of PC users have iTunes on their computers exclusively to download podcasts because there aren’t a lot of better ways. Now, thanks to Google Play Music, downloading podcasts is easy (provided you already have a Google Play account). The podcast interface will be immediately familiar to anyone who has ever downloaded music from Google Play Music: you’ll see contextual recommendations based on what Google thinks it knows about you. You’ll also be able to browse the tops of the charts across multiple categories. A surprising number of categories are already listed, including everything from sports to religion to news. Most of the popular podcasts are already there: Google actually appeared ready to launch its podcasts platform last fall, but decided to wait until popular podcasts signed onto the service. You’ll find ...

The Best Free Apps and Software to Install on a Fresh Version of Windows

Did you just reinstall Windows? Using a clean new computer can be a cool feeling. There’s so much potential. To achieve that potential, you’re going to need to install the best apps and software. With that in mind, here are our favorite free apps and software to install on a fresh new version of Windows: Browsers You still only have three major browsers from which to choose, including Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Chrome and Firefox are the two most popular alternative browsers, although Microsoft Edge is increasingly becoming a popular (and surprisingly fast) option. Media Players VLC is a must-have media player for Windows. Sure, the legality of the software may be a grey area (it uses video and audio codecs that require paid licensing in some countries, but avoids this problem by developing the software in France). However, you didn’t want to pay $60 to watch a DVD ...

Microsoft Will Allow Xbox Gamers to Play Against PS4 and PC Gamers

Microsoft has announced plans to allow Xbox gamers to play against PlayStation 4 and PC gamers. That’s huge news for gamers on all platforms: cross-platform play and cross-network play are things we’ve received little tastes of in the past, but have never really been a full-fledged reality. Now, it seems like there’s a strong chance that PC, PS4, and Xbox One gamers playing the same game simultaneously will actually happen. It already looks like a sure thing for cross-platform play between the PC and Xbox One: Microsoft has announced its unified development platform across both Windows 10 and Xbox One, allowing developers to simultaneously create games for both. Microsoft has also opened up that unified development platform to Sony and others, opening the door for the company to participate. Rocket League Will Be One of the First We already know of one game that will support cross-network play: Rocket League ...

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