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I’m an IT specialist and I also fix computers in my spare time as a second job and hobby. I’m always testing out the best tools that will help me get the job done. One of my co-workers told me about Restoro. I started using this tool and it has done wonders. I barely have to do work now because Restoro does it all and fast too.

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Restoro saved me from purchasing a new computer. It was well worth the investment.

Top 5 PC Games to Stress Test Your New Graphics Card

One of the greatest moments in the life of a PC gamer is the moment you buy a new graphics card and get to run a bunch of amazing games that your old computer couldn’t run. Best of all, you get to run these games maxed out. What are the best games for stress testing your new graphics card? Which games push the boundaries of PC gaming graphics technology further than ever? Let’s find out as we count down the top 5 gorgeous PC games that will punish your new video card. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Not only is this game beautiful, but it makes your graphics card work incredibly hard. The sheer amount of detail in the world of The Witcher 3 will turn your video card fans on at their highest level. The Witcher 3 is a particularly good benchmark game if you use an Nvidia graphics ...

Alienware Steam Machine Review

The Alienware Steam Machine has officially been released. It’s one of several major Steam Machines on the market today. But is it actually a replacement for your gaming PC? Is it an effective solution to your gaming needs? Today, we’re going to review the Alienware Steam Machine and tell you whether or not it’s worth the money. Sexy and Portable One of the first things you’ll notice about the Alienware Steam Machine is that it’s got an incredibly attractive exterior. The chassis is sleek and stylish and lights up with both a Steam logo as well as an Alienware logo. Better yet, the whole unit is portable. You can easily take it to a friend’s house, or to a LAN party, or even on vacation in your suitcase. Uses Linux In case you missed the memo, the biggest difference between a Steam Machine and a traditional gaming PC is that ...

EA Launches New PC Gaming Subscription Service Called EA Access for $5 Per Month

Want to enjoy the latest PC games without paying $60 for every new game? EA has a solution for you called EA Access. Available through Origin, EA Access promises to offer “endless PC gaming” for $4.99 per month. Some of the flagship titles available through EA Access at the moment include Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4, The Sims 3, FIFA 15, SimCity, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, among others. The service is available to all Origin users on Windows. Your $5 per month entry fee gains you access to EA’s Vault, which is a growing library of games – including some of the older EA titles and games over a year old. Think of it like the Netflix for PC gaming: your low monthly rate gives you access to a huge library of games, but you won’t be able to get instant access to new flagship titles. You can, however, get early ...

Microsoft Issues Warning About Windows 7 Having “Serious Problems”

Is Microsoft about to throw its most popular operating system under the bus in a bid to get people to switch to Windows 10? It appears that may be the case as Microsoft is warning that Windows 7 has serious problems and that users are using the OS at their own risk and peril. Windows 7 is currently running on 55% of all computers on the planet. But according to Microsoft, the operating system is bad and potentially dangerous. In a recent statement to Windows Weekly, Microsoft’s Marketing Chief Chris Capossela explained that users who choose Windows 7 do so “at your own risk, at your own peril”. Those are strong words to describe using the world’s most popular operating system. But Capossela did back up his claim by saying: “We do worry when people are running an operating system that’s 10 years old that the next printer they buy ...

Dice Announces That It’s Working on the Next Battlefield Game

Now that Swedish game developer Dice has released Star Wars: Battlefront, the studio is reportedly moving onto its next big project: the new Battlefield game. That new game will be released in 2016 – with many people anticipating a release date of October or November 2016. A small portion of those involved in the development of Battlefront would be staying behind to continue working on Battlefront – including ironing out glitches, supporting online network coding, and releasing some of the planned DLC. EA officially announced that Dice was working on the next Battlefield experience back in 2014 – although they didn’t provide any specifics. EA did, however, claim that the next game would be out before 2016. That news was confirmed this past week as Dice’s developmental director Dan Vaderlind announced the following news on Twitter: Now that we've shipped Battlefront and a part of the team continues to work ...

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