The tablet PC market is exploding with growth, and it seems like every company is trying to get a piece of the action. Today, electronics manufacturer ViewSonic announced plans for a massive 22-inch Android powered tablet.

Once released, the ViewSonic 22-inch tablet will be the largest in the industry. It’s being advertised as a “smart business tablet monitor” – whatever that means. However, we’re thinking that means it will be a higher end tablet that caters to more business-minded consumers.

Catering to the business crowd would make sense for a 22 inch tablet. At that size, it’s certainly not going to be easy to carry around on the street, and it might not even fit in a lot of backpacks or purses. If you had a few of those tablets in your office, on the other hand, it would be a great way to handle presentations. You could manipulate data on the fly, pass it around the tablet, and hold it up for everybody to see.

Then, once you got back to your desk, you could link up to your Bluetooth keyboard and continue working.

However, for consumer use, a 22 inch tablet may have limited use.

As of yet, we don’t know whether or now ViewSonic’s 22 inch tablet will be a fast PC. However, since it’s running the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system (Android 4.0), users will easily be able to mod, tweak, and customize their tablet computers however they would like.

Check back here tomorrow for the latest news about making computers faster.

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