At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, we’re all about finding new ways to speed up your computer. If you want to make your computer faster without spending any money, then you’re going to love our 4 new free ways to speed up a computer.

Use sleep instead of ‘Shut Down’

This tip is very simple to implement, but it could save you quite a bit of time when you start up your PC every morning. Instead of performing a complete shut down and reboot every night, why not just put your computer in sleep mode? Your computer tower and monitors will shut off like they normally would, but all of the information you were just working with will be instantly recovered.

Why does this work? Well, instead of closing down all processes, Windows will simply pause them running when it’s in ‘Sleep’ mode. Then, when the user powers the PC back on, the processes are unpaused in a process that takes only a few seconds.

To change the way your computer turns off, head to your Start menu and find the normal ‘Shut down’ button. It should be in the bottom right corner of that Start bar. Right-click on the button and select ‘Properties’. From here, you can select whether you want your computer to go to sleep when you press that button, or if you want it to completely shut down.

By implementing this tip, you can speed up your start time from several minutes to just a few seconds.

Run an error check on your hard drives

Windows has a special application called ‘Error Checking’ that allows you to scan your hard drives to see if anything is wrong. Over time, almost every computer develops strange problems, and it’s important to scan your hard drive on a regular basis to ensure that these problems aren’t slowing down your PC.

To do this, look at your computer’s hard drive(s) in the ‘My Computer’ menu. Then, right click on any of these drives and click on ‘Properties’->’Tools’. Then, click ‘Error Checking’ and allow the process to complete. If any errors are found, Windows will notify you and attempt to fix them.

Use the ‘High Performance’ mode

Many PC users are surprised to learn that their computer has something called ‘High Performance’ mode. Designed specifically for laptop users who want to control how much battery life they use, this mode can significantly increase the speed and performance of your computer.

To change your computer’s performance mode, find your battery life indicator icon in the system tray on the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on it to open up your computer’s power options. You can choose a ‘High Performance’ plan, for example, or create a unique power plan customized to your needs.

Obviously, this mode works best when your computer is plugged in and charging, as ‘High Performance’ mode will drain your battery life by quite a bit if left uncharged.

Run Windows’ cleanmgr application

The final step to cleaning your computer and speeding up its performance involves running the cleanmgr application. This will optimize the performance of your main hard drive and free up several gigabytes of storage space in the process.

To run cleanmgr, simply go to your Windows menu (if you’re using Windows 7), and type in cleanmgr into the search bar. Then, select your main hard drive and allow the scan to complete. In a few minutes, a list will pop up detailing the files and folders that can safely be removed from your system.

All of the steps above are completely free to implement. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and speed up your PC!

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