Computers are supposed to have made our lives more productive, right? So why do we spend most of the day on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and a bunch of other time-wasting websites? I can’t answer that question, but I can show you a number of ways to be more productive while using your computer. Check out these free Windows programs that will instantly improve your productivity:

4) PasteBin Desktop App

This application will be particularly useful for groomers, although it’s easy to see how anyone could use it to save time. PasteBin’s desktop application allows users to access the same functionality as the online version of PasteBin without the constant time wasting of opening a new tab in your browser. You can copy text, save it for later, reference it, send it to friends, and perform all of the other useful functions PasteBin fans have used to save time over the years.

3) Peek Through

How many times have you wanted to minimize a window just to check your desktop for half a second? Maybe you wanted to view your calendar app or check which files you downloaded? In any case, minimizing windows can take a half-second too long. And those half-seconds translate into lost minutes over the course of a day. Instead of minimizing windows like a peasant, peek through them using an app called Peek Through. This makes the Window slightly transparent when users press a keyboard shortcut.

Alternatively, if you want to check your desktop when using a window (without installing third-party software), just tap Windows Key + D and then tap Windows Key + D again to bring up all the windows you just closed.

2) Free Opener

If you download lots of different files for work or school, then you have probably encountered the dreaded “file type not recognized” or “unable to open this file” message. It’s frustrating and stupid and Windows often cannot figure out these problems on its own (the “search the internet to find the correct program for this file” command never seems to work).

Instead of wasting valuable minutes trying to find the appropriate program on your own, use an application called Free Opener which does it for you. Free Opener can open 80 different types of files. Not only does that simplify the opening file process, but it speeds up your computer as well. You don’t have to open five different programs to open five different files. Just open one program and you’re set!

1) PC Cleaner Pro

Although all of the above applications solve common problems, PC Cleaner Pro solves the most common computer problem of them all – computer slowdowns. Nobody likes working with a slow computer, and if you work or do anything important on your computer, slow system performance translates to lost money.

PC Cleaner Pro won’t solve every slow computer problem, but it will solve a lot of them. Since the scan is free to perform, it never hurts to download it onto your computer just to see what’s wrong with its performance.

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