The internet contains billions of webpages. But in spite of that fact, most of us don’t venture outside of our comfort zone of daily websites – like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and your local news website.

But there’s so much cool stuff to see online that venturing outside of the comfort zone is something we all must do. To get you started, here are our top 5 favorite lifestyle websites that you probably don’t know about. They could change your life:

5) ByLiner – Find new books from good authors

Finding new music is relatively easy. There are radio apps like Pandora and others that look at your music preferences and play stuff that they think you would like. Finding new TV shows and movies is as simple as asking a friend.

But when it comes to good book recommendations, it can be difficult to find the perfect choices. After all, reading a book is generally a larger time investment than watching a TV show or listening to a song.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. A free ByLiner account gives users access to daily-updated book recommendations. The website monitors your preferences and allows users to follow their favorite writers. The website also recommends authors and books that you may like.

But one of the coolest parts of the website is the section that contains articles written by your favorite authors. The website features short stories, articles, and opinion pieces from some of the world’s best.

4) HackerThings – Buy the coolest stuff on the internet

Hacker Things is one of the coolest sites on which to browse around. At HackerThings, visitors will find all sorts of crazy inventions and toys. Some of the products were designed by creative individuals at home, while others were created by professional hardware or software companies.


HackerThings actually links to different websites – like Amazon or ThinkGeek – so all purchasing is handled through sources you can trust. Just take a look at a random snapshot I took of the frontpage of HackerThings. I don’t know about you, but if I had a few hundred dollars burning a hole in my pocket, it wouldn’t last long when shopping at

3) Instructables – Build Anything

Out of all the sites listed here so far, Instructables is likely the most well-known. As you may have guessed from the name, Instructables includes do-it-yourself directions for, well, just about anything you could ever want.

Categories include technology, photography, cooking, and more. Users can also contribute their own instructions to keep the community alive.

2) Kayak’s Explore Tool

Kayak is a well-known travel aggregation website. But one of my favorite parts about is its Explore tool, which lists the lowest flights to places all over the world. Simply select the city where you live and Kayak will output a map of destinations along with the airplane ticket price to each destination.

You can use the Kayak Explore tool to view destinations all over the world. It’s a great tool if you’re sitting at home in the middle of winter and just need to go somewhere warm as soon as possible.

1) WonderHowTo – A Refreshing Take on the ‘How-To’ Website

Today, popular how-to sites like WikiHow and eHow are turning into generic repositories for basic information. Since anyone can contribute to these sites, internet marketers have spammed each site with useless information about products that rarely fulfill their promises. is one of a rare few how-to websites that doesn’t succumb to the pressures of making money online. WonderHowTo reveals detailed instructions about the most random and interesting topics. Just taking a look at the front page of WonderHowTo today revealed the following headlines:

-How to Unlock the Hellish “1999 Mode” Early in BioShock: Infinite With These Secret Konami odes

-The Squeaky Clean Trick to Eating an Orange Without Getting Your Fingers All Sticky

-How to Use Background Noise to Stop Procrastinating and Increase Your Creative Productivity

-DIY Altoids! How to Make Your Own Miniature Mints in Any Flavor You Want

As you can see, headlines are different from the usual “5 Exciting Ways to Eat an Apple” or “4 Best Tools to Use When Digging a Hole” articles that you may find on websites like eHow and WikiHow. In any case, WonderHowTo is, in my opinion, worth a bookmark.

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