Well, we called it: a month ago, rumors surfaced on the internet that Call of Duty would be returning to World War II. Confident in our sources, our editorial team decided to announce that “Call of Duty Will Return to World War II in 2017”.

One month later, we officially have confirmation: the world’s biggest first person shooter franchise is returning to World War II.

To help you get hyped, here are 5 fast facts to get you excited about the new Call of Duty game:

5) Zombies is Back

The ever-popular Zombies mode will return in Call of Duty: World War II. We know that because last week’s livestream of the game contained a single image of a Nazi zombie.

We’re excited: the first Call of Duty game to feature zombies was World at War – and they were Nazi zombies in that game. The newest Call of Duty is returning Zombies mode to its roots.

Sledgehammer is being really mysterious about its Zombies mode. They created a mysterious website. Fans didn’t know what to do with that website – until one fan spotted the letters IUFDJ BHLOP JMUBA on one helmet in the Zombies teaser image.

call of duty world war 2

When these letters are typed into the decoder on the Zombies teaser site, you get a file containing two images. One image is linked to Operation Barbarossa – which is the WW2 operation where the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union – while the other image is a Raphael painting called Portrait of a Young Man – which was lost during WWII and never found.

Another hint points towards Dunkirk in France, which is where the Siege of Dunkirk – and the famous evacuation of Allied Troops to England – took place.

Expect to see some elements of these famous historical moments appear in Zombies gameplay in Call of Duty: World War II.

4) There Are Several New Game Modes

Developer Sledgehammer has announced several new modes in Call of Duty: World War II, including:

War Mode: This mode sounds like it will be a series of battles – kind of like Battlefield 1’s “Operations” mode. Battles will loosely be tied together with a bit of narrative.

Co-Operative Mode: Co-op mode promises to deliver a unique storyline based around Zombies. It appears co-op mode will be a big focus for Sledgehammer.

3) We Get a New World War II Storyline

The storyline in WWII will be much different from previous Call of Duty games. So far, we know about the following features in the storyline:

The solo campaign will follow the US 1st Infantry Division as they fight their way across Europe during World War II

Missions will take place everywhere from the beaches of Normandy during D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge

Players will play as the inexperienced newbie Private Daniels

Side missions will have players taking control of a woman fighting in the French resistance

The solo campaign “will contain plenty of other characters” because “Sledgehammer wants to tell a detailed, accurate story regarding the infamous historical event”, explains one writeup

As a testament to the game’s commitment to blockbuster-quality action, they’ve hired Transformers actor Josh Duhamel to star in the game.

call of duty ww2

2) The Beta Will Not Be Available on PC

Now some bad news for PC gamers: the beta for Call of Duty: WW2 will be available on Xbox One and PS4 – but it won’t be available on PC.

The game has not been confirmed (or denied) at all for the Nintendo Switch.

The beta will be available for a minimum of 3 days. However, the beta sounds extremely exclusive. Some reports state that it’s a private event only available to fans who pre-order the game.

call of duty ww two

If you look at the recent history of gaming, we know that pre-orders are a bad thing: you should always wait for reviews before you buy.

However, if you do wish to preorder, there are three versions available:

Base Edition and Digital Base Edition

Digital Deluxe Edition (Includes Season Pass and more)

Pro Edition (Includes Season Pass, collectible Steelbook, and more)

Last year, the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta allowed players to send beta codes to their friends. It’s unclear if WWII will have a similar system

1) You Can Watch Real Gameplay in the Reveal Trailer

Activision has faced enormous criticism in the past for filling its Call of Duty trailers with cinematics – not in-game action. Publisher Activision has obviously heard that criticism, because they launched a reveal trailer that contains a surprising amount of in-game footage:

Remember last year, when Call of Duty’s YouTube video became one of the most-disliked videos of all time? Based on the like meter on the launch trailer above, fans clearly support the move back to World War II.

Activision and Sledgehammer have announced they’ll reveal more details of the game – including a full multiplayer reveal – at E3 2017.

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