If you’re like 95% of the PC community, then you use your PC to play games, browse the internet, and run office applications.

But there are all sorts of crazy things you can do with PCs – and I bet you didn’t know about all of them. Here are some of the cool things you can do to use your PC to its full potential.

5) Run Mac OS

Want to see how other computer users live? Why not install Mac OS X on your PC using Bootcamp. Bootcamp lets you install multiple operating systems and switch between them at will.

mac os pc

Don’t like Mac OS X? That’s okay. Not everybody likes it. You can also install hundreds of other operating systems on your PC – like Linux distributions.

In any case, Bootcamp makes it easy to install whatever operating system you like and then switch between those operating systems at will. So if you’ve ever been jealous of certain software that’s only available to Apple users, then Bootcamp can help.

4) Use Task Scheduler to Automate Your Life

Go to your Start Menu right now (or the right side of your screen if you have Windows 8) and type in Task Scheduler.

This little-known Windows software program is pre-installed on all Windows PCs and lets you schedule anything.

task scheduler

To get started with Task Scheduler, just open the program and click the Create Task button.  Change the name of the task, then go to the Triggers tab to decide when the Actions will run.

The only limit to the usefulness of Task Scheduler is your own imagination. Some things you can do with the program include:

-Setup weekly emails, either to talk to other people or remind yourself of certain tasks

-Display a message on your screen reminding you of a certain task at a certain date (either repeatedly or at a certain time in the future)

-Launch programs when you log in, like if you want to launch Office software when you log into your work account

-Delete all files in a folder older than 7 days, which is useful to keep your temporary internet files folder clean

-Sleep and wake your system at certain times, which is useful if you’re going away on vacation but still want your torrents to download over the next 24 hours or so

3) Use Empty Ports as Shelves

If you built your own PC, then you probably have a few empty ports on the front of your tower. Sure, you probably removed one of those ports to insert a DVD/CD reader. But what should you do with the remaining empty ports?

empty ports

New peripherals actually let you use those ports as storage locations. You can store your phone in there, for example. Or, if you’re more secretive, store things you don’t want to get found.

Yes, the storage drawers are small, but you can still store a few things.

2) Use it to Control your Home

The internet of things isn’t going away anytime soon, and that means smart ovens, smart fridges, and smart thermostats are just the beginning of the smart appliance revolution.

You can use your PC as a base to control all of these devices. You can display CCTV footage across multiple monitors, for example, and make sure you know exactly who’s knocking on your door before you answer it.

cctv on pc

Other things you can control include smart locks, where you can remotely lock doors around your home.

1) Use it as a Factory

Turn your PC into a real live factory with the power of 3D printing. 3D printing can turn your premium PC into a mass production factory. You can literally 3D print a gun and a laptop. This is the future.

3d printer

Sure, most PC owners can’t afford a 3D printer right now, but the price will eventually come down. Or if you’re feeling rich now, you can buy your own 3D printer for $1,000 to $6,000+.

The more you spend on a 3D printer, the more cool things you can do.

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