Looking for the best places to buy PC games online? Here are our favorite online PC game stores where you can find great deals, exclusive discounts, and high-profile titles.


Steam is at the top of this list for a reason. It’s the world’s most popular PC game distribution platform. Buying games on Steam is ridiculously easy and Steam’s Summer Sales and Winter Sales are the stuff of legend.

Nowhere else online will you find something like the Steam Summer Sale, where gamers enjoy double digit discounts on some of the world’s most popular PC games.


As if regular sales weren’t enough, Steam also has other popular features, like easy mod installation and automatic updating.

Steam has singlehandedly made PC gaming a better place, and it’s the best place to find PC games at ridiculous discounts.


GOG was once known as Good Old Games but the company dropped that title once they stopped exclusively selling older games.

GOG still features an awesome collection of classic games which have been updated to run on modern PCs, but it also includes a collection of newer games.


The website regularly features sales and discounts, but there’s one major advantage over Steam: all games are DRM free. That means you own the game and you’re not licensing it.

One of the few downsides to Steam is that it’s a DRM system: gamers license the right to play games and they don’t actually own the games themselves.

If you’re anti-DRM and want to exclusively own your games without worrying about getting banned for hacking, then GOG is an excellent option.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle gives gamers awesome discounts on packages of games.

Some packages are made of indie games, while others are high-profile packages from EA. The best part about Humble Bundles is that all proceeds go towards awesome charities.

humble bundle

Gamers can also choose how much they want to pay for the bundle. On many bundles, you can “beat the average” price to unlock exclusive extra titles.

It’s a creative PC distribution system that has led to some awesome results for the PC gaming community.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is one of the few online PC game stores that can compete with Steam. GMG regularly undercuts Steam’s prices and offers exclusive discount codes and promotions over social media.

Like Steam, GMG has its own holiday sales. It also has a massive library of thousands of games. It’s also very generous with in-store credit and promo codes.


Before you download a game from anywhere else, check GMG. You may be surprised at their discounts – even on brand new games. Plus, when you buy a game, you often receive a Steam code to download the game via Steam, which means you get all of the convenience of Steam while saving a few bucks.


Amazon is the world’s largest online retail store. Like all smart retailers, Amazon isn’t going to ignore an entire category of products just because a competitor is offering steep discounts.

That’s why Amazon has emulated Steam’s model by offering instant digital downloads and awesome annual sales. Amazon hosts sales throughout the year and it regularly holds unbelievable sales just a few days before Steam’s Summer and Winter sales.


You can’t buy every PC game on Steam, and you can’t buy every PC game on Origin. On Amazon, however, you can pretty much buy any PC game that’s out today. Buyers aren’t restricted to one company or another.

If you’re the type of person who cares about owning the physical copies of games or buying “legendary” and “collector’s” editions, then Amazon is an excellent choice. Preorders are also available.


We had to put Origin on this list not because it was better than anything else listed, but because it’s the only place to get some of the world’s most popular PC gaming titles.

Origin’s sales are never as steep as Steam sales. However, you can frequently find discounts of 50% off the most popular titles, including recent releases like Battlefield 4 and other high-profile titles.

Origin is EA’s attempt to create a Steam competitor. You can add friends, join games with friends, and buy PC games. What more do you need to know?

Thanks to the awesome companies listed above (yes, even you, EA), PC gaming is alive and well. Do you think console gamers enjoy the kind of discounts you see above? Of course not!

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