Modern websites and PC games demand so much from your computer. If your computer isn’t optimized for performance, then you may be missing out on some of the best that the online world has to offer. Fortunately, just because your computer is running slowly now doesn’t meant that it is unable to keep up.

Instead, there are a number of easy ways to speed up your PC. Here are our 8 favorite tips to turn your PC from a turtle into a cheetah.

8) Use MSCONFIG to disable start programs – Go to Start -> Run and type in msconfig. This will open up a tool that allows you to easily pick and choose which programs start up when your computer boots. By removing some of the programs that you never use, you can reduce your boot time and speed up your PC’s performance.

7) Delete your internet browsing history and temporary internet files – If you never delete your browser’s history, then hundreds of MB of useless data may have built up on your hard drive. This can slow down your internet speed and negatively impact your PC’s performance. This data can easily be removed within your browser’s help menu.

6) Reduce the number of Windows visual effects – Windows 7 and Windows Vista come with all sorts of flashy effects. If your computer has been running slowly, then disabling these effects can provide a noticeable boost to performance.

5) Install more RAM – This is one of the most time-honored ways to improve your computer’s performance. Cheap, effective, and easy to install, RAM is something that both beginner and advanced PC users can appreciate.

4) Uninstall old, unnecessary programs – We all have programs on our PC that we no longer use very often – or ever. Deleting these programs can free up valuable space on your hard drive and provide more processing power for other important tasks.

3) Learn how to build your own PC – If you order a pre-built PC from a computer retailer, then you’re usually paying hundreds of dollars more than the computer’s parts are actually worth. If you want to spend the same amount of money on a computer that is twice as fast, then you should learn how to build your own PC. It isn’t nearly as difficult as you may think, and it’s a great way to get a powerful PC on a low budget.

2) Find a good antivirus program and use it regularly – Today’s viruses are more dangerous than they have ever been in the past. They can steal your banking information and other personal data within seconds, and most of them impact your performance in a negative way. To remove this drag on your system, invest in a good antivirus cleaner and scan your hard drive on a regular basis. Say, once per week.

1) Use a registry cleaner – The registry is packed with useful information that your PC needs in order to operate. However, it is overlooked by almost all PC optimization tools. By cleaning your registry with a good registry cleaner, you can significantly increase your computer’s performance when running any application.

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