When people want to speed up their PC, they generally want to attain faster performance in video games, Microsoft Office applications, or on the internet. However, one of the best side effects of speeding up your PC is enhanced safety and security.

How does this work? Well, many of the things that people do to clean up their PCs – like clearing out excess clutter or performing an antivirus scan – also eliminate malware that poses a threat to the security of your system. With that in mind, here are just a few of the things that both clean up your PC and enhance your system’s security:

Regularly scan your computer with antivirus software: This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but many computer users simply forget to do it. To ensure your computer is as fast and safe as possible, set up your antivirus software to scan your computer on a regular basis. Say, once a week. This will give you a significant performance boost while protecting your PC from malware threats at the same time. And, best of all, it requires little work from your end. Once the antivirus schedule is set up, you can simply forget about it and let it run in the background.

Clear out your internet cache: Viruses are commonly found hidden in your old internet files. By clearing out your internet browser’s cache and cookies, you not only free up space on your hard drive, but you also make it harder for malware to hide from your antivirus software. Most internet browsers have an option to delete the cache for you. However, you can also find anti-clutter programs that will do this automatically.

Clean your registry: If you’ve never heard of the Windows Registry, then don’t worry. Many computer users overlook the registry because they don’t think it’s important, but nothing could be further from the truth. The registry holds important configuration data about every program that you have ever installed on your PC, and cleaning it out can give your PC a noticeable speed boost. And, to make things even better, many registry cleaners even scan for malware, which means that registry cleaners are a one stop solution to making your PC as safe and fast as possible.

Look through your installed programs list: On your Windows operating system, take a peek through your list of installed programs. This can be found under the start menu. Once there, uninstall any programs that you no longer use. Or, if you don’t recognize the name of a program, then it may be a virus or type of adware. Perform a quick Google search to see if other users have had problems with this mysterious program, and then delete it. With this step, you’re not only freeing up space, you’re eliminating programs that may try to steal your credit card information and other personal data.

The bottom line

As the title above states, a fast computer is a safe computer. Whether you think your computer has a virus or you’re just trying to speed up your PC, performing the steps we’ve listed above help you have a happier, safer experience on your computer.

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