Have you ever thought that desktop PCs were too bulky?  Then get a laptop or tablet. But what if space is at an absolute premium and you don’t want to bother with a laptop or tablet? Well thanks to Dell’s Project Ophelia, you can now purchase a full PC that is just the size of a USB thumb drive.

At first glance, you might mistake Project Ophelia for a thumb drive. It features a sleek black plastic case design with a metal connector sticking out the front. That metal connector is actually an HMDI port that can plug into any HDMI display in order to instantly turn that display into a functioning computer.

Project Ophelia runs Android OS, the same OS you find on your Android smartphones and tablets. You can use Project Ophelia to run applications, play games, watch streaming movies, and access cloud storage files. Even more amazing is the fact that Project Ophelia has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Oh, and did I mention that it costs just $100?

Android OS is exceptionally powerful and there are hundreds of thousands of apps available. Sure, Project Ophelia isn’t a full featured PC, but for $100, it’s a surprisingly powerful device that will turn your boring old monitor into a real working computer. You can download and install Office apps, connect a Bluetooth keyboard, and bring your work with you on the road, for example. There are also thousands of Android games for you to enjoy.


Dell has demonstrated Project Ophelia on 19 inch PC monitors as well as 55 inch HDTVs. The pocket PC is designed to offer a low-cost alternative to traditional operating systems like Windows 8 along with all its hardware requirements.

Pocket PCs have been a thing for a while now – they’re called smartphones. But with Project Ophelia, you can say goodbye to your bulky desktop tower and clunky laptop in favor of the most minimalistic desktop ever – all you need is a monitor and a power cable. Carry the USB stick-sized computer around in your pocket all day and bring it out whenever you need to access your apps or files.

Project Ophelia will be available for order sometime between third quarter 2013 (August to October). Check Dell’s website for more information and to buy the device when it becomes available (the final version recently shipped to developers, so it should be available very soon).

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