Sad news today for fans of Apple and the Mac. Apple officially changed the marketing on its Macbook Pro page to reflect one significant change. Namely, that the Macbook doesn’t get the same viruses that PCs do.

Ordinarily, a simple change on the Macbook’s advertising page wouldn’t be a newsworthy development, but many are seeing it as a sign of defeat.

Apple removed a line under the “Why you’ll love a Mac” section which stated that the Mac “doesn’t get PC viruses” and that it “isn’t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers.” They replaced this line to say that the Mac is simply “Built to be safe.”

Apple’s computers have had a rough year in terms of system security. The Mac OS X operating system has been plagued by a number of dangerous viruses, including the infamous Flashback virus. After a security flaw was found within Java, other operating systems quickly patched the issue. Apple, however, took several months before repairing the problem, during which time hundreds of thousands of Mac OS X users became infected.

The Flashback virus was able to steal the personal data of many of these Mac users by redirecting them to malicious websites on search engine results pages.

The confusing thing about the “Macs don’t get PC viruses” issue is that Mac OS X is built on a different system framework than Windows. This makes it difficult (but not impossible for PC viruses to transfer to Mac operating systems). However, Apple has used this slogan to make it appear that their operating system is completely virus free, in which case it’s not.

In fact, some computer security analysts believe that approximately 20% of Mac computers are infected with viruses designed for the Windows operating system, making Apple’s claim of being PC-virus-free completely bogus. To read the entire article, “1 in 5 Macs has malware on it. Does yours?”, click here.

As of Monday, Apple wasn’t commenting on any changes made to the Macbook’s webpage. However, it’s suspected that Apple’s lawyers were uncomfortable with having this bogus security claim posted on the Apple website.

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