Apple Torturing Microsoft By Not Releasing iTunes for Windows 8

Apple Torturing Microsoft By Not Releasing iTunes for Windows 8

Windows 8 is oh-so-close to being considered a failure – if it hasn’t been labeled a failure already. However, a recent press release by Apple drove another nail into Windows 8’s coffin, as Apple confirmed that they would not be releasing a version of iTunes for Windows 8.

This is a serious problem, since it basically prevents Windows RT users – who are forced to rely on apps in order to do anything on their tablet – from using their iPhones or iPods on their tablet, at least through iTunes.

Since the selection of apps in the Windows RT store is already pretty sad, the lack of iTunes and other major music apps is easy for Windows 8 users to notice.

Nobody wants to support Windows 8

From Minecraft creator Markus Persson (Notch) to Apple, it seems like every major developer is giving Windows 8 the snub. Notch snubbed Minecraft for Windows 8 because he wanted them to “stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform” while Apple snubs them for obvious reasons – you don’t interrupt your competitor when he’s making a mistake.


To some, it seems like everyone is trying to kill Windows 8 by refusing to support it. But it’s not like these people are doing so with malicious intent (at least most of them aren’t) – they incentive to develop apps simply isn’t there.

Or do they?

Everybody likes to kick Microsoft when they’re down. But the fact of the matter remains that Microsoft is the world’s largest software company. Hundreds of millions of Windows PCs are sold each year, and as more and more people buy the OS (either by choice or through forced adoption at Best Buy), developers will inevitably start to take interest.

After all, with the lack of good apps in the Windows Store, a developer who creates some half-decent programs should be able to make something work, right? In any case, don’t expect to see Apple iTunes on Windows RT any time soon.



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