The infamous Blackhole exploit affected computers all over the world. It gave hackers access to sensitive data and allowed computers to be taken over by remote users. Fortunately, the Blackhole exploit was patched by most major antivirus companies in just a few days, and people soon forgot about the problem.

Unfortunately, the creators of Blackhole aren’t willing to disappear that easily. They recently wrote a new version of the Blackhole exploit kit called Blackhole 2.0. Apparently, version 2.0 has been completely rewritten in order to evade even the most advanced antivirus programs. That’s a very bad thing for PC users around the world.

How does Blackhole work?

Blackhole allows hackers to use SQL injection attacks against visitors to various websites. It infects URLs throughout the internet with the exploit, which means users can get affected by the virus by simply visiting a website.

It’s expected that the Blackhole exploit will be used to commit the usual types of attacks, including fake antivirus alerts, keyloggers, remote access commands, and other attacks on PC security.

Blackhole is unlike a lot of today’s viruses. Instead of randomly attacking users and stealing their information, Blackhole is 100% for sale. Anybody can purchase the Blackhole kit and use it for their own nefarious purposes. In other words, the team behind Blackhole plan to make money by licensing their software to other people. Here’s how the Blackhole pricing breaks down:

-$50 per day

-$200 per week

-$500 per month

For that price, Blackhole users get access to a complete admin panel as well as all sorts of other usability features. That price also covers the cost of a server, which means users can run the Blackhole exploit kit remotely without being linked to the attacks themselves. That’s right: this is more than just your average virus. It’s a full-service pre-packaged SQL injection solution for hackers.

Here’s what the Blackhole interface looks like. The program is written by Russians, which is why everything is in Russian:

What can you do to protect yourself?

If you want to avoid being attacked by the Blackhole 2.0 exploit kit, download PC Cleaner Pro today. You should also make sure your antivirus software is upgraded. Try to avoid visiting any suspicious websites, and don’t click on any shortened links sent to you over Twitter or Facebook.

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