As you may have heard, 2012 has been a rough year for PC security. Virus technology continues to advance around the world, and this has created networks of hundreds of thousands of infected computers. If you want to protect your PC, then you may have turned to free, ineffective online antivirus software.

However, the people who design viruses know that most users will opt for free antivirus programs, and they specifically design their viruses to get around these filters. This makes a lot of free antivirus programs completely ineffective.

Fortunately, there are other free ways to fix your computer’s problems. By choosing the right PC optimization software online, you can patch up any holes in your system’s security and protect your PC for years into the future. Today, programs that speed up your PC are transforming the way the computer industry works. Many programs are more than just optimization tools: they’re also comprehensive security suites, registry cleaners, disk defragmenters, and more all rolled into one convenient package.

Simply speeding up your computer is often enough to protect yourself from viruses. That’s right: even if you don’t have antivirus software installed, a good PC optimization program can comprehensively improve your system’s security and help get rid of any viruses.

For example, a program that speeds up your PC often targets problems in the Windows Registry. While viruses don’t usually hide within the registry, they can (and do) exploit holes in your registry information in order to infect your PC. There may be a missing or corrupt line of code on one of the hundreds of thousands of entries in your registry, and a virus can detect that hole and use it to exploit your system.  When a PC optimization program goes to work, it scans your registry for problems like this and fixes them instantly.

Another important way in which PC optimization improves your system’s security is through eliminating clutter. This clutter often includes temporary internet files and other unnecessary data, and getting rid of it can significantly improve your system’s security. With just a few clicks, a good program that speeds up your PC will remove several gigabytes of unnecessary clutter, speeding up your hard drive and reducing your chance of being infected with a virus.

Some PC optimization programs, like PC Cleaner Pro 2012, also contain tools that are specifically designed to combat viruses. For example, PC Cleaner Pro 2012 has tools that protect the user’s identity, making it an attractive suite of computer security tools.

For all of these reasons, 2012 is the year that you need to download a program that speeds up your PC for free. If you let your computer continue to crash, freeze, and slow down, then a virus infection is inevitable. Protect your PC – and your identity – today by downloading a free scan of PC Cleaner Pro 2012.

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