Many people are frustrated with their computer’s speed. After all, it seems like a PC’s speed starts to deteriorate only months after you buy it. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that a computer slows down over time.

One of the main reasons your computer slows down is the Windows Registry, but there are also other culprits. You have probably seen businesses advertising software programs that promise to “make your computer faster”, but you may be the kind of person that wants to fix your computer without a program. So, can you speed your computer up without paying for additional software?

While software downloads are one of the fastest and most effective ways to speed up your PC, there are many ways to boost the speed of your computer without downloading a program at all.

One of the main reasons that computers slow down is because the hard drive is too full. You can discover how much hard drive space is free by going into the ‘My Computer’ section of your operating system. If you discover that more than ninety percent of your hard drive is full, it’s most likely the reason that your computer is running slow. Computers aren’t able to function at their full capacity unless they have space to breathe.

Also, it’s important to make sure that you keep your computer’s CPU usage to a minimum. The best way to do this is by closing out of programs once you are finished with them. For example, once you are done checking your email, close it out instead of just minimizing it. Otherwise, the computer still considers the program to be open, which drains both your system’s memory and processing power.

If you are willing to spend the money, upgrading your computer’s RAM will take your computer to a whole new level. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is the part of the computer that helps start up the operating system and open programs. Once you have upgraded your computer’s RAM, you will notice that you can open programs faster and certain tasks such as video rendering will be completed in a shorter period of time.

While using computer optimization software is the best way to deal with a slow computer, there are also significant performance boosts to be had by cleaning out your hard drive and upgrading your RAM.

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