Many PC users – even inexperienced ones – have heard about CCleaner. CCleaner is a popular computer cleaning application that wipes out temporary internet data, application information, and other unnecessary stuff in order to create a faster, cleaner, healthier computer.

CCleaner works by silently wiping out the data we don’t need. A typical session can delete anywhere from 5GB to 15GB of data. This unnecessary data lurks in folders all over the computer, clogging up system performance and making it difficult for our hard drive to run the programs that we use every day.

After a CCleaner session, PCs tend to be faster and more efficient than ever before. CCleaner has also been shown to eliminate internet-based viruses and malicious cookies. In short, CCleaner is one of the best things to run on your computer on a regular basis.

And best of all, CCleaner is completely free. After first being created by Piriform almost a decade ago, CCleaner has finally hit the 1 billion download mark, propelling it into elite status among the PC software industry.

Although there’s no comprehensive way to reliably track total software downloads, only the largest and most influential computer software programs have been able to crack the one billion download mark. MaximumPC reports that Firefox is one of them. And although CCleaner is available as a free download to the average PC user, business and professional users can pay $25 or $35 for their own licenses, pushing the total download figure even higher.

Other popular software programs that have (probably) hit the 1 billon download mark:

-Google Chrome


-VLC (confirmed here)

-PC Cleaner Pro (maybe?)

To put 1 billion downloads in perspective, that means one person out of every seven in the world has to download that program once.

What does the future hold for Piriform and CCleaner?

While 1 billion downloads is an admirable achievement, Piriform isn’t done yet. In 2013, Piriform wants to see CCleaner brought to an increasing number of mobile devices and cloud systems. I don’t know about you, but I’d be very excited to see CCleaner appear on my tablet or smartphone.

Read the Piriform PRNewswire release here

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