Speeding up your PC doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if it feels like you’re paying a lot of money, then you might as well just buy a new computer. Here are some of the best, cheapest ways to significantly increase the speed of your computer.

Invest in a good anti-virus program

Buying a good anti-virus program today could save you hundreds of dollars in the future. Downloading a single corrupt virus could quickly make your computer susceptible to phishing schemes, hacking attacks, and other nasty problems.

As internet scams get more and more clever, you need to protect the inexperienced internet users who access your computer. However, regardless of your level of experience on a PC, buying a good anti-virus program is a good way to prevent one mistake from ruining your entire computer.

When researching anti-virus software, be sure to choose one that doesn’t noticeably slow down your PC. The added tools and plug-ins of some anti-virus programs will take up so much processing power and RAM that it’s almost better to have a virus!

Speeding up your computer with a good anti-virus program is even more cost-effective today. Most programs allow you to install the software across multiple computers. So, if you have five computers in your house, you can effectively divide the initial cost of the program among those five users.

Buy a registry cleaner

While anti-virus programs and defragmenting software get a lot of attention as cheap ways to speed up your PC, it is often just as beneficial to invest in a good registry cleaner.

Usually, they’re cheaper than anti-virus software. In fact, many of them include anti-malware capabilities, which are increasingly making registry cleaners an all in one solution to whatever problems you may be experiencing.

Clean up your case

One of the most overlooked ways of speeding up your PC is to clean up the inside of your computer case. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to bundle all your wires together. Having wires sticking out all over your PC not only looks bad, but it can also restrict air flow, which means that your components become hotter and less efficient as time goes on. Fortunately, special elastics which bind your wires together are cheap and easy to find.

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