Just after Chrome became the most widely used browser in the world last week, Samsung has announced that it is working on a special Chrome desktop computer. How can you make a desktop computer around an internet browser, you ask?

Here’s how: basically, the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox doesn’t have an operating system installed on it. Instead, the operating system is hosted in a remote cloud storage system on the internet. While the computer user can access the operating system at any time, any changes (including updates and security packages) are installed by Google.

There are several advantages to computers like this. The first and most important thing (especially on our Speed Up My PC blog) is that it is incredibly fast. The computer doesn’t even have a hard drive, since all software and applications are installed on remote servers. This means that it starts up in a relatively short period of time and uses a minimal amount of battery life.

Another advantage of having all software stored and booted remotely is the fact that you can update all computers with just a few clicks. This is ideal for businesses that rely on common software architecture – like banks. It also puts the responsibility and management of software in the hands of tech companies as opposed to individual users.

If you’re thinking the Chromebook and Chromebox series of computers are expensive, then think again: in the past, the Series 5 Chromebook Wi-Fi model was priced at $450, while a 3G version of the same device cost $550. Meanwhile, the Series 3 Chromebox cost a measly $330. This is lower than most fast computers on the market today, making it a very attractive system for all levels of consumers.

What do we think at the Speed Up My PC Free blog?

Google and Samsung are envisioning desktops like the Chromebook and Chromebox as the wave of the future. In a world where tech companies are increasingly using cloud computing technology, more and more consumers are starting to jump on board.

Whether or not Chrome can capitalize on its brand presence as a ‘fast’ and ‘simplified’ browser remains to be seen. As it stands now, we feel that the Chromebook and Chromebox are innovative additions to the world of computing. While they won’t be a good fit for everybody – like PC gamers – it will still offer an affordable fast PC solution to a wide range of people.

And at this blog, we’re all about getting the fastest computers possible.

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