At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, we’ve told you about all sorts of different ways to clean up your laptop. However, we usually focus on cleaning up junk on your laptop’s hard drive – like how to delete programs, free up space, and perform all sorts of other tips and tricks.

Today, we’re going to do things a little differently. Here are the top 5 best ways to keep the exterior of your laptop as clean as possible:

5) Buy a USB vacuum cleaner

USB vacuum cleaners are a fun and easy way to keep your workspace clean. They work just like you would think – the USB cord plugs into your computer and then you suction up any junk from your desk or in between your keyboard keys.

4) Buy a cover for your laptop

Depending on how you use your laptop, it can get very dirty in a short period of time. Some people eat, drink, and even sleep with their laptops nearby, and this can cause all sorts of germs to collect around your computer. Instead of cleaning your laptop every day, why not just purchase a silicone cover?

3) Microfiber cloth + Eyeglass cleaning solution

You can buy specially formulated screen cleaners at Best Buy and other tech stores. However, the stuff they use to clean glasses is made from the exact same ingredients. Pick up a spray bottle of eyeglass cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Then, go to town on your laptop while it’s turned off. Whether you’re trying to get fingerprints off of the bezel around your laptop screen, or you just want to make your screen as crystal clear as possible, these are the only two things you need to get ‘er done.

2) Remove the keys and clean the keyboard

Think of all the things your fingers touch every day. Now think of how much junk can get trapped under your keys. Pop off your laptop’s keys (or remove the entire silicone keyboard) and carefully clean out whatever is underneath. This can get a little gross, especially if you have pets. Consider using Q-Tips to get at those hard-to-reach spots between keys. Or, soak the keys in a bucket of warm soapy water if you want to be extra squeaky clean.

1) Spray compressed air into the intake vents

See the grates along the side of your laptop? Every laptop has holes through which hot air can escape. If you’ve owned your laptop for more than a few months, then those holes can get clogged with dust and other material. This can increase the heat inside your laptop, frying internal components and slowing down your laptop’s performance.

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