If you’re ripping your hair out, wondering “How can I speed up my PC?”, you are not alone. Sure as the sun will shine, your computer will, eventually slow down. There are lots of reasons for your system’s sluggish ways – and fortunately, there are just as many tricks for bringing it back to life.

Your computer works hard – and it gets tired, too – so give it a boost now and then. Reboot your system and try not to leave it running all of the time. Believe it or not, “exhaustion” is the most common reason for a slow computer.

You can speed up your PC by lightening its load, too. Close any applications you are not using, delete files and programs you no longer use, and store all the files you do use in your My Documents folder in you C: drive. It’s also a good idea to stop Windows from automatically running too many programs at start-up. While you’re at it, make sure Windows is up-to-date so it’s always armored against incoming threats.

Your computer’s registry is akin to your car’s glove compartment. It’s jam-packed with information about all of the programs it’s ever run and can become a disordered mess. Cleaning your registry (you can download free registry cleaners online) on a regular basis will restore order, making it easier for your computer to run smoothly.

If you’ve tried the above suggestions and you’re still asking, “How can I speed up my computer?”, try a system recovery, which restores your computer’s factory settings. Otherwise, consider upgrading your memory.

Still having trouble? It’s probably time to pow-wow with a techy friend – if he can’t speed up your PC, he can probably offer good advice on purchasing your new computer.

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