DDR 4 Memory Expected to Release in Early 2014

DDR 4 Memory Expected to Release in Early 2014

We all know that RAM is one of the most popular upgrades to make to your PC. Fast, easy, and cost-effective, a RAM upgrade is a guaranteed way to increase your PC’s performance, and can help increase your frame rates in video games, reduce the time it takes to switch between programs, and speed up your boot time.

However, for the last few years, RAM has been based on the DDR3 model. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it will eventually cause RAM’s performance to plateau, as DDR3 is restricted to a 3000 speed grade.

Fortunately for RAM fans, Intel plans to introduce DDR4 RAM starting in early 2014. However, the upgrade will likely be restricted to higher end server CPUs, as opposed to the average consumer market, which may have to wait until 2015 to install a new stick of DDR4 RAM.

Benefits of DDR4 RAM

What kind of performance boost can we expect from DDR4? Well, DDR4 will accommodate expanding motherboard technology, which could allow each of the four processors to have up to 16 cores. Managing this many cores can be difficult with current hardware technology.

In addition, DDR4 will consume less power than previous versions, shrinking its power usage down to a measly 1.2v. It is also expected to improve parity protection and reduce the number of errors that users experience while accessing servers.

As of now, DDR4 is an upgrade that will appeal mainly to server administrators. With more speed, stability and performance, not to mention a reduction in power consumption, DDR4 will undoubtedly be a worthwhile upgrade to make. However, the average PC user will have to wait quite a while before DDR4 becomes an economical way to speed up a computer.



  • Free Up Disk and Memory Space
  • Speed up your System
  • Fix System Errors And Crashes
  • Improve Internet Access
  • Boost Start-up Speed