It feels like DDR3 memory has been around for a while. Well, the end is finally in sight, PC fans, because we can officially tell you that DDR4 memory is about 18 months away.

Today’s biggest RAM manufacturers have already started to build DDR4 memory. Unfortunately, these major memory vendors will not be releasing DDR4 memory until 2015.

Why the delay? RAM can be as fast as you want, but until your processor board supports it, you’re not going to enjoy its benefits. Intel and AMD have stated that they plan on beginning to support DDR4 memory at some point in 2014.

However, the 2014 releases will likely only affect servers and will take place late in 2014 or early in 2015. During the initial rollout of processor boards with DDR4 support, early adopters can expect to pay a heavy premium.

In other words, the average PC user won’t be able to enjoy DDR4 – and all its performance benefits – until mid-2015. Of course, since we all interact with servers on a daily basis, we will all be indirectly enjoying the benefits of DDR4 memory far before that point.

DDR4 memory performance benefits

So what’s the point of DDR4? Like every upgrade in the tech world, it’s faster and more efficient. It will have a 16GB base capacity while providing a 20% to 40% reduction in power consumption.

ddr 4 advantages pros and cons

Are you excited? It’s tough for some people to get excited for a RAM upgrade, but hey, that’s what the world of PC performance is all about.

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