Windows RT has been a troubled operating system from the start. The first and biggest problem is that Microsoft never bothered to show customers the difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. In fact, it basically blended the two operating systems together in its advertising.

There is a huge difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. Namely, Windows RT users can only access the bad part of Windows 8 – the Metro UI and the app store – and they can’t access the parts of Windows that people enjoy – like the Start menu and the classic desktop environment.

Combined with bad Surface sales and dismal Windows RT tablet sales, it’s no wonder why all of Microsoft’s OEMs abandoned Windows RT.

As of today, there are no third-party manufacturers selling the Windows RT operating system – which was released just over a year ago. Dell officially dropped Windows RT earlier today and now Microsoft is the only manufacturer selling the OS.

Dell was the last holdout for Windows RT because the company had invested millions into marketing high-end devices like the XPS 10. Today, if you go to and try to purchase an XPS 10 tablet, you get a message saying that “This product is unavailable.”

dell xps 10 discontinued

Sorry, Microsoft. Better luck with your next tablet operating system.

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