Now that Swedish game developer Dice has released Star Wars: Battlefront, the studio is reportedly moving onto its next big project: the new Battlefield game.

That new game will be released in 2016 – with many people anticipating a release date of October or November 2016.

A small portion of those involved in the development of Battlefront would be staying behind to continue working on Battlefront – including ironing out glitches, supporting online network coding, and releasing some of the planned DLC.

EA officially announced that Dice was working on the next Battlefield experience back in 2014 – although they didn’t provide any specifics. EA did, however, claim that the next game would be out before 2016.

That news was confirmed this past week as Dice’s developmental director Dan Vaderlind announced the following news on Twitter:

As you can see, both EA and Vaderlind have avoided calling the game Battlefield 5. If the game isn’t Battlefield 5, then it could be either:

-Battlefield Hardline 2 (unlikely)

-Battlefield: Bad Company 3

-Battlefield 2142: 2 (Battlefield 2143?)

-Battlefield 1942: 2 (Battlefield 1943?)

The reason why Hardline 2 is unlikely is because the game wasn’t very popular when it was released in March 2015. Plus, Hardline was made by a developer named Visceral Games (who developed it in collaboration from Dice).

battlefield 2143

Meanwhile, we haven’t had a Bad Company game since 2010’s Bad Company 2. That’s why many people are anticipating the release of Battlefield 5. The last major Battlefield title, Battlefield 4, was released back in 2013 and is still played by millions today.

Could It Be Battlefield 2142? Or A Return to Battlefield 1942?

Personally, fans of the series are waiting for something else: they want to go back to World War II with a BF1942 remake or back to the future with Battlefield 2142.

battlefield 1942 remake

Out of those two, a Battlefield 2142 remake seems slightly more likely – if only because Call of Duty has had a lot of success with the futuristic warfare model.

But still, as a lifelong Battlefield player who never purchased Battlefield 4 or Hardline, I would give my $110 to EA for a high-quality BF1942 remake.

On the other hand, Titan Mode would be unreal in FrostBite 3.

Let’s make it happen, Dice.

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