If you’ve installed software lately, then you may have noticed a warning telling you to close your antivirus software before you proceed. Why do you have to do that? And should you do that at all? Keep reading to find out!

Why software asks you to do this

Most software that edits low-level parts of your system – like the parts you interact with on a daily basis – will ask you to disable antivirus software during the installation sequence. Why? They do this to prevent the antivirus software from blocking certain parts of the installation and causing problems.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the software you’re installing is a virus. It just means that your antivirus software could see certain elements of the software as a virus, which means that those parts might not be installed, leading to a corrupt installation and major program problems.

Temporarily turn it off – don’t uninstall it completely

Strangely enough, some software programs will ask you to remove your antivirus software completely prior to beginning the installation sequence. Never do this. There’s no good reason why a software program would ask you to do this.

There are only two reasons why software would tell you to remove your existing antivirus software:

close antivirus software during install

-You’re installing new antivirus software from a competing company

-You downloaded a virus or malware

Instead of uninstalling your existing software, just temporarily disable it from your system tray (just right click on the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and choose ‘Exit’).

Only do this if you’ve downloaded software from a legitimate website. If you downloaded a virus or malware, then disabling your antivirus software is like firing the bouncer at a nightclub when there’s a bunch of armed gunmen in line. In both cases, it’s a very bad idea.

Moral of the story? Be wary when a software program asks you to disable your antivirus software. But don’t let it stop you from enjoying your cool new software program.

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