As you can imagine, software that speeds up your PC is very useful. We all appreciate faster computer performance, and when you can unlock a higher level of performance simply by installing a program, that’s even better.

Unfortunately, not all PC optimization programs are made equal. Some programs promise to speed up your PC, only to slow it down by installing viruses. Other programs find nothing wrong with your PC and leave it alone. And then you get that rare gem of a program that actually fulfills its promises. We believe PC Cleaner Pro is one of those gems.

Remember – never buy computer optimization software (or any PC programs) before asking all the following questions:

Does the software promise impossible things?

Some PC optimization programs get ridiculous when they start promising things. They might claim to increase PC performance by thousands of percentage points, or to make your computer faster than even the best new computers built today. This is simply impossible, and it’s designed to lure you in with cheap marketing. Make sure you don’t fall for it, and always keep an eye out for suspicious advertising tactics.

Is the software trusted?

Look for symbols of trust on the product’s website. Is the software verified by third-parties? Is the software company affiliated with major, trustworthy tech companies? Scam websites might avoid putting symbols of trust on their website in fear of a lawsuit.

How much does the software cost?

Some software, like PC Cleaner Pro, is free to try. Others force you to pay right away. You never need to spend more than $60 on PC optimization software. Software priced above that point is overpriced and most likely trying to scam you. Some of the most effective PC repair programs in the world are priced at $40 and under. Don’t get stuck paying hundreds of dollars for a program you don’t really need.

Will the software work on my PC?

PC Cleaner Pro works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. However, not all programs are compatible with these three operating systems. Make sure you read through the system requirements before downloading a program. You don’t want to buy a program, only to find out your PC won’t be able to run it.

Is there a refund policy?

Some of the best software programs have refund policies. Why? Because they know customers will like the program, and that their refund rate should be fairly low. Companies that are trying to scam you, on the other hand, will not offer a money back policy.

By asking yourself all of these questions, you can ensure that you only purchase programs of the highest level of quality. Download PC Cleaner Pro today to download the world’s best computer optimization software!


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