There are three major browsers in the online world today. One of the most popular browsers is Mozilla Firefox. While it isn’t as fast as Google Chrome, it has a large userbase due to its extensive add-0ns, features, and useful tools.

But what if you want to make Firefox faster? Today, we’re going to look at some of the easiest ways to make Mozilla Firefox more productive:

5) Install QuickJava

One of the easiest ways to speed up Firefox is to manually control the number of Java applets that are running at any one time. This is particularly useful if you have multiple browser windows open. With QuickJava, a mini toolbar appears at the bottom of your browser that allows you to easily enable or disable Java scripts with just a single click. This can also help prevent viruses and malware problems, many of which are transferred through Java applets and Javascript.

4) Remove Cookies for Site 

Just like QuickJava, this plugin is the fastest way to prevent websites from installing cookies on your computer. While many cookies are harmless (like the one that remembers your Facebook login information every time you start up your browser), others can be harmful – like the ones that redirect you to malicious websites in Google search. With the aptly named Remove Cookies For Site plugin, you can easily and quickly protect your personal information while online and delete cookies from sites you have previously visited.

3) Drag Drop Upload

The traditional file upload window on internet browsers is slow and annoying. Users have to manually select the file and folder that they wish to upload from. For obscure files, navigating to these folders may waste valuable time. With Drag Drop Upload, you can easily drag and drop files into the upload box without having to navigate to each specific folder on your hard drive.

2) Fast Dial

When you open up browsers like Chrome and Opera, you can view some of your most frequently visited websites in a helpful grid. Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t have this feature….until now. FastDial can turn your browser homepage into a grid of your favorite websites. Email, news, Facebook, YouTube, and whatever other websites you like are only a single click away.

1) Undo Closed Tabs

How many times have you been working on an important project only to accidentally close that tab? While Firefox does include an “open recently closed tabs” button by default under the ‘history’ menu, finding it can be time-consuming and wasteful. When you use the Undo Closed Tabs button, it makes this process much easier. It places a small button next to your ‘stop’, ‘refresh’, and ‘go’ buttons on the Firefox menu that instantly opens whatever tab you just closed.

By installing of the plugins listed above, you can easily increase your speed and productivity while using Firefox. Click on the links above to try them out!




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