3D technology has been out for a few years. Although 3D TVs aren’t selling nearly as well as some people expected, they still have a niche following of fans – many of whom don’t even use them to watch 3D programming.

But what about 3D computer monitors? What’s all that about? Today, we’re going to answer any questions you might have about 3D computer monitors and explain why 3D computer monitors are right or wrong for you.

3 different types of 3D computer monitors:

-Passive: You use the same glasses you see in movie theatres to view your 3D screen. In fact, the same glasses you get at the theatre can be used on your computer monitor. There is a drawback – your eyes will get sore if you view it at an angle above or below the recommended range, which is generally quite a small range.

-Active: Active 3D monitors are slightly more expensive than passive monitors because they require the use of special, battery-powered glasses. The viewing angle is larger, but these glasses can also give users headaches after prolonged use. You just need to take breaks every once in a while and you should be fine.7258_nVidia_GEFORCE-3D-glasses

-Glasses free: This is the most expensive type of 3D monitor available today. In fact, you can expect to pay at least 3 times as much for a glasses free monitor when compared to a passive/active 3D monitor. It’s so expensive that it’s simply not worth it for most users.

Do I need a super-powerful graphics card?

There are some misconceptions about the graphics card needed to run 3D games. So let’s clear the air here: if you’re going to watch a few 3D movies, then you don’t need any type of special graphics card. In fact, your onboard graphics card should have more than enough processing power to seamlessly decode the movie.

But if you have a lower end graphics card, 3D gaming is going to be a problem. And it’s a particularly annoying problem because AMD and Nvidia can’t decide on which 3D gaming tech to use: Nvidia uses 3D Vision and AMD uses HD3D. And here’s the kicker: monitors and games tend to only be compatible with one type of technology.

There is another solution that doesn’t require you to download either AMD or Nvidia’s proprietary technology. Instead, simply install the TriDef 3D driver, which also decodes 3D data and allows you to play the latest 3D games. But unfortunately, TriDef 3D driver isn’t free: it costs $50. You have to decide whether or not 3D gaming is worth the price tag to you.

Which video player should I use to play 3D movies?

Bino tends to be the most popular 3D video application on the market today because it’s free, simple, and easy to use. Just make sure you choose SBS 3D input from the video player.

ViewSonic-V3D245You cannot use a normal monitor for 3D

If you try watching 3D on your normal monitor, you’re going to have a bad time. Normal monitors just aren’t built that way. You will need to invest a few hundred dollars in a decent 3D monitor if you want to view 3D movies and games.

Really, buying a 3D monitor isn’t as complicated as some people think. The hardest part is choosing which 3D monitor to buy. If you’re just playing 3D movies, then you can just download Bino and you’re good to go. Now you just have to wait for the rest of the world to start making 3D videos.

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