In September of 2012, Facebook announced that it had reached the 1 billion user milestone. To put that in perspective, there are just over 7 billion people in the world.

In other words, Facebook has accounts for 1 out of every 7 people in existence today – not including fake Facebook accounts. No matter which way you slice it, that’s an astonishingly large number, and Facebook has rightfully earned the title of “company with the most accounts in the world.”

But who do you think is in second place? Twitter? MySpace (haha)? Amazon? NetFlix?

Actually, none of those companies have more users than Apple, which takes second place behind Facebook. In a recent research report from Morgan Stanley, analyst Katy Huberty revealed that Apple has approximately 500 million user accounts while Facebook has 1.06 billion accounts. Coming in third, fourth, and fifth place were Amazon, Zynga, and PayPal, respectively.


Apple is expected to reach 600 million active Apple IDs before the end of 2013.

But which company generates the most revenue per account?

As you might expect, Apple takes the lead when it comes to revenue generated per account. But Amazon is a close second.


Apple generates $329 per user while Amazon clocks in with $305 per user. Facebook, meanwhile, is worth only $5 per user. Apple’s money generated per user is also expected to grow later this year if the rumors about an iRadio service turn out to be true.

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