Fast computers are a rarity in Australian schools

Fast computers are a rarity in Australian schools

Australian students have been complaining about their schools’ slow computers for years. But until recently, nobody really cared. Now, more and more Australian students are demanding that the government step in to alleviate the slow PC epidemic.

Schools across the country are requesting millions of dollars in PC upgrades. Many Australian regions require hundreds of thousands of new PCs, and the government is saying it can only provide a fraction of the number required.

The problem with upgrading PCs in the educational system is that it isn’t a one-time investment; it requires a constant flow of funding from school boards in order to maintain, update, and ultimately replace the computers in use. With fast computer technology growing at an increasingly rapid pace, it’s recommended that schools upgrade their PCs every 4 to 5 years.

Since Australia just invested $2.4 billion in educational computers through the “Digital Education Revolution” plan in 2008, another multi-billion dollar expenditure could lead to funding shortfalls throughout the country.

Of course, another problem with the Australian school system’s tech funding is that many schools purchased iPads instead of computers. iPads need to be replaced more frequently than a traditional PC, and they’re also significantly more expensive.

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