Do you use Firefox? You may have been prompted to upgrade your browser today. Or, more likely, the popular browser silently updated in the background of your PC. After a quick restart, you gain access to the following changes:

The first thing you’ll notice after restarting Firefox is the new and improved default homepage. Although you probably changed Firefox’s homepage ages ago, its default homepage now offers extended functionality, including faster access to bookmarks, settings, history and other important parts of the browser.

You’ll notice a second improvement when you open a new tab. Much like Chrome and Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 13 now has a square grid of your most visited webpages. I like the look of Firefox’s most-visited webpages better than either Chrome or IEs, mainly because it gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily pin your most visited webpages in place.

It’s also a cleaner looking grid than other internet browsers, and it looks really good on a tablet screen. The square grid look will fit in perfectly with upcoming Windows 8 tablets.

Aside from those two most noticeable changes, Mozilla also tweaked various sections of its browser to remove bugs and other problems. In addition, restored background tabs are no longer loaded by default. This will speed up Firefox’s startup process and make your internet faster.

You’ll also notice smooth scrolling is enabled by default. This changes the way you browse up and down webpages, but it’s easy to get used to. It’s also a more efficient way to read blogs like our Speed Up My PC Free blog.

Ultimately, Firefox 13 isn’t groundbreaking. There aren’t any ambitious new features or revolutionary tools. Instead, it just continues what Firefox has done well for the last few years: offering fast, secure, and reliable internet browsing performance.

To download Firefox 13, click here.

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