One of the world’s most popular browsers received a major upgrade today. Firefox, which is used by approximately 20 to 25% of internet users around the world, was automatically upgraded to Firefox 15.

The update is significant, but it’s not going to change the world. Here are a few new features that users can expect in Firefox 15:

-Seamless updates: Nobody likes the dreaded ‘Restart your browser to apply updates’ message. Instead of bombarding users with that message every time a change is made to a plugin or the browser itself, Firefox will quietly hang out in the background until the user has closed and restarted the browser on their own. This is a cool feature, but it’s not as innovative as you might think. Google Chrome has used seamless, silent update technology for a little while now.

-Updated development tools: Developers will appreciate a number of new upgrades that have been made to the development tools in Firefox. Although no major updates have been added, a number of minor tweaks will keep web developers happy.

-WebGL enhancements: If you don’t know what this means, it basically helps Firefox compress textures for enhanced performance.

-Bug fixes: Like every software upgrade ever released for every operating system, Firefox 15 features a number of minor and major bug fixes. If you’ve been experiencing problems with Firefox lately, like spontaneous crashes or slowdowns, then these bug fixes might be able to solve your problems. Otherwise, maybe try installing PC Cleaner Pro.



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