Five Ways to Speed Up Your PC in 2013

Five Ways to Speed Up Your PC in 2013

If you’re reading the Speed Up My PC Free blog, then you’re probably interested in learning some of the best ways to speed up your PC. Well, PC technology changes every year, so we’ve updated our list to reflect the best ways to speed up any PC in 2013.

5) Install Chrome or Firefox

Chrome is widely recognized as the world’s fastest internet browser. Firefox recently recaptured that crown in one major benchmark test, although Chrome continues to be regarded by most as the fastest browser in the world today.

Regardless, you can’t go wrong with either Chrome or Firefox. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer continues to underperform when it comes to speed and security. Install Chrome or Firefox and enjoy the fastest possible internet speeds around.


4) Practice smarter internet browsing

If you read through other PC optimization checklists, you’ll encounter tips like “Use an antivirus program” or “Scan your PC for malware”. Sure, these things are important. But if you practice smart browsing techniques, you’ll never have to worry about any of them.

Smart browsing techniques include tips like:

-Don’t download files from shady looking websites

-Don’t click on spammy links on Facebook or Twitter

-Don’t download free games, movies, or TV shows from untrustworthy sources (unless it’s a major BitTorrent site, free stuff online is usually too good to be true)

If you can follow those basic tips, then you barely even need an antivirus program. You should install one just to be safe, but mastering smart internet browsing techniques is the best way to avoid ever getting a virus.


3) Clean the Windows Registry

Windows 8 cleans the Windows Registry automatically, but earlier versions of Windows can certainly benefit from a third-party Windows Registry cleaner. The Windows Registry is a massive repository of system files that includes everything from integral program files to specific data about your personal software preferences. Without the Windows Registry, nothing on your computer would work.

Is the Windows Registry important? You bet. So when errors build up in the Windows Registry, they tend to have reverberating effects across the rest of your PC. You may notice PC performance problems and strange error messages start to appear.

Nearly all PCs over a month old have some type of registry problems. Older PCs can have hundreds of registry problems. A good registry cleaner like PC Cleaner Pro can fix all of these problems in just minutes.

2) Eliminate Startup programs that you don’t use

Every time your computer starts up, it loads programs that you may never use. Unless you’ve recently cleaned out your startup queue of programs, then your computer might be loading between 5 to 10 programs that you don’t really need. These programs each take up valuable resources and can increase startup times by approximately 1 to 2 seconds per program.

Cleaning up your startup queue is surprisingly easy – even if you’re not a computer expert. Just click on your Start button, type in msconfig, and press Enter. You’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Once there, go to the Startup tab and uncheck any programs that you don’t need. Most programs are clearly labeled, although you might want to Google the occasional program you don’t recognize. Avoid deleting any Microsoft applications from the startup queue, but other than that, delete as many programs as you want – the more programs you remove from the startup queue, the faster your computer will start up.

1)Use an all-in-one PC maintenance tool like PC Cleaner Pro


We’re not all computer geeks. And even computer geeks don’t have time to manually fix every problem they encounter. That’s why an all-in-one PC maintenance tool is always a smart investment. Programs like PC Cleaner Pro are free to try and affordable to buy. With a single click, PC Cleaner Pro scans the most critical parts of Windows for errors and then fixes those errors in seconds.

This instantly speeds up computer performance and reduces error messages, among other benefits. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to make your PC run faster, then an all-in-one PC maintenance tool like PC Cleaner Pro is one of the best places to start – in fact, it might be the only place you need to start.

PC Cleaner Pro does all of the following important maintenance tasks:

-Detects and removes disks errors

-Fixes performance problems

-Repairs Windows Registry errors

-Speeds up startup times

-Reduces internet problems and connection errors

-Eliminates error messages and thousands of miscellaneous PC problems



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