Most computer problems come from the internet. Viruses are almost always spread through malicious websites, and computer slowdowns can often come from having too many temporary internet files unnecessarily stored on the hard drive.

Fortunately, one Firefox plugin wants to help users fix browser problems. The feature, called Firefox Health Report, was released by Mozilla earlier today. Firefox Health Report gathers information about your web browser and then uses that information to troubleshoot whatever problems you might be experiencing.

Fortunately, none of the information that is collected by Firefox Health Report will be permanently stored on the server, which means that the only goal of the tool is to fix your browser problems – not monitor your browser usage.

What does the Firefox Health Report do?

The Firefox Health Report will improve the health of your computer in several different ways. It will collect four specific types of data:

-Configuration data, including information about the hardware and software on your system

-Customization data, including any plugins or add-ons you might have installed onto Firefox

-Performance data, like the timing of browser events and the speed at which web pages load

-Miscellaneous data, like the length of each Firefox session, the age of the Firefox profile, and the number of crashes experienced by the user

Together, this data will be used to determine how efficiently your Firefox installation is running. After running the Firefox Health Report tool, users will be able to view data about the stability and performance of their Firefox installation in comparison to other users. This information will also be interpreted by Firefox to improve their browser in upcoming patches.

If you have ever wondered why your internet seemed slower than the internet on your friend’s computer, then the Firefox Health Report will help you get to the root of that problem. It will let you know if the problem is related to your internet connection or to problems within your computer itself.

For example, many users experience slow PC performance because their computers are filled with too many cookies or temporary internet files. Over time, these files start to clog up the hard drive and slow down internet performance. In other cases, the internet connection in your home might simply be weak. The Firefox Health Report will easily be able to identify where these computer slowdowns and crashes are coming from, making it easy for users to fix their PCs for free.

As mentioned above, the Firefox Health Report will not collect any type of personal information about users, including:

-Search terms

-Location information


-Email addresses

-Website visits and history


-Any information that could potentially identify the user in any way, shape, or form

The Firefox Health Report is not yet available, although according to a recent Mozilla blog post, it will become available in Firefox very soon. Users who don’t like Firefox Health Report collecting data from their browsers can easily disable the tool at any time.

Look for the Firefox Health Report soon if you’re ready to start diagnosing and fixing browser performance problems!

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