Are you worried that your computer is spying on you? Well then you won’t like this article.

The tech industry’s giants, including Apple and Microsoft, were more than happy to help the NSA install backdoors on its software and hardware devices. While most people know about Apple’s track record of spying on its users, Microsoft fans were a little more surprised to learn that their favorite company had betrayed them.

Well, the news has gone from bad to worse for Microsoft fans, as a former Microsoft privacy exec recently said publicly that:

“I don’t trust Microsoft now”

That statement was said by Caspar Bowden, who was in charge of creating Microsoft’s privacy policy between 2002 and 2011 in 40 countries around the world. Bowden now calls himself a privacy advocate and says that, during his employment at Microsoft, he was unaware of Microsoft’s compliancy with the NSA’s Prism tracking network.

Now that Microsoft’s link to Prism has been revealed, Bowden says he no longer trusts Microsoft and says:

“The public now has to think about the fact that anybody in public life, or person in a position of influence in government, business or bureaucracy, now is thinking about what the NSA knows about them. So how can we trust that the decisions that they make are objective and that they aren’t changing the decisions that they make to protect their career? That strikes at any system of representative government.”

microsoft privacy pics

Good point. If you’re a conspiracy theorist, then it makes sense to think that the NSA is pulling the strings of major influence holders in the United States (or at least has the ability to pull those strings).

Caspar Bowden worked at Microsoft as a Chief Privacy Advisor and covered 40 countries, although the United States was not one of them. That could be the reason why he was unaware of Microsoft’s affiliation with Prism, or it could be because he left the company in 2011 before Prism access requests became commonplace.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that those outside the United States are safe from the NSA, because according to the Foreign Service Intelligence Act and Bowden, “Anyone living outside the United States has no legal protection from the NSA’s prying eyes.”

Do you trust Microsoft? With the whole NSA spying scandal, I don’t think I trust any tech companies anymore.

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