Gabe Newell just issued a bold statement to help build up hype for Steam Machines: he claims that they’re more powerful than the consoles available today.

The Steam Machines are going on sale next week along with the Steam Controller and Steam Link. The Steam Machines aren’t actually made by Valve: they’re made by companies like Alienware.

Gaben specifically addressed Alienware’s model (which starts at $450) with his statement, saying that it will be faster than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to being faster, of course, Newell added that customers would get the “benefits” of having a PC:

“Our perception is that customers are always going to make the best choices for what they want. We can knock down the barriers that keep PC gaming out of the living room, and then customers can decide what they want. So the way we organized it, in our thinking, is a sort of ‘good, better and best’ kind of thing.”

GameStop Dedicating Floor Space to Steam Machines

PC gamers and GameStop have been on divergent paths for years. As digital sales became more common among PC gamers, GameStop devoted less and less floor space to PC games.

steam machine 3

This holiday season, that will change, as GameStop is now dedicated a significant amount of floor space to Steam Machines “in a push to provide customers with an additional choice.”

Steam Machines Come Pre-Installed with SteamOS

One of the unique features of Steam Machines is that they don’t run Windows: they run SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system created in-house by Valve.

However, customers are encouraged to install whichever operating system they wish on the devices (including Windows, if you’re willing to pay the license fee). After all, this is a PC, and freedom is key.

Steam Machines Available from 13 Different Vendors Ranging from $450 to $5,000

Just like desktop PCs and laptops, Steam Machines come with a wide range of manufacturers and a wide range of prices.

Steam Machines like the Alienware Steam Machine start at a modest $450, while custom-designed models from Falcon Nothwest have created the Tiki Steam Machine which starts at $2,000 and costs $5,000 for the fully-upgraded model.

steam machine 2

You can view the full selection of Steam Machines at the Steam Store page here.

The 13 manufacturers include well-known members of the PC industry like Alienware, Digital Storm, Gigabyte, Maingear, Origin, and Zotac.

Steam Machines go on sale on November 10, 2015.

Meanwhile, you can read the full interview with Gabe Newell at here.

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