At the Speed Up My PC blog, we love tablets. They’re fast, easy to use, and feature all sorts of fun and cool apps. However, tablets have one problem: they’re not bulletproof.

That’s why GammaTech launched a new tablet called the T7Q. Designed for people who need tablets in rough situations, the T7Q features sealed magnesium casing and several layers of screen protection. And yes, there’s still a touch-screen tablet under all that protection.

Check out the T7Q in this photo:


So who’s going to use the T7Q? Well, the most obvious users would be those who work outdoors in the military or environmental fields. If you need to carry around your tablet while walking around outside, you can’t worry about whether your tablet will be affected by silly things like rain, hail, snow, or gunfire.

We have to admit: the T7Q looks pretty cool. But what about its performance? Is it a faster PC than other tablets on the market today? Here are the T7Q’s tech specs:

-7-Inch TFT WSVGA LCD screen (no, that’s not gibberish, that’s what the screen is classified as)

-Intel Atom N2600 or N2800 CPU

-5MP camera with geotagging capabilities




-Enhanced security features like a Kensington lock connector and TPM1.2 security

-Bonus features like RFID, magnetic stripe readers, and GPS are also available for an extra price.

-Exterior buttons for power, camera, and other shortcuts

Speaking of price, how much does the T7Q cost? Prepare to break your bank accounts open, because the T7Q costs a whopping $2,000 for the basic model. Of course, the people who use tablets like this are probably going to write it off as a company/government expense, and it’s not expected to be a real hit in the consumer market.

If you had $2,000 burning a hole in your pocket, would you buy the GammaTech T7Q? Or is this a tablet designed for outdoor jobs on the oil rigs? I think it would be fun to whip out at Starbucks just to see the looks you’d get.

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