If you’ve been following our Speed Up My PC Free blog lately, then you’ve probably heard us talking about SSDs. SSDs are an incredibly powerful type of data storage device that are much faster than traditional hard drives. Today, SSDs are found in some PCs, Macbooks and other high-performance laptops.

The only problem with SSDs is that they’re really expensive. This means that, for now, SSDs are only used by people who love fast PCs and high performance. If you’re willing to pay an extra $200 to $400 for a faster PC, then SSDs are most definitely worth it. If you’re not willing to pay that amount, you’re stuck with a traditional hard drive.

But the good thing about computer parts is that everything drops in price eventually. That $600 video card you want to buy today is going to be worth $50 in four years. And those $500 SSD chips are going to drop down as well. According to a Taiwanese research institute called Digitimes Research, SSDs will be standard hardware in all PCs in 3 to 5 years.

Ultimately, Digitimes says SSDs will become ‘mainstream’ and will show up on all smartphones, tablet PCs, and high-performance laptops. For people who appreciate fast PCs at affordable prices, this is most definitely good news.

As of now, SSDs are worth approximately $0.80 per gigabyte. A normal hard drive costs about a tenth of that amount at $0.09 per gigabyte.



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