No device is safe from the wrath of today’s hackers. Google learned that lesson the hard way when a team of hackers used a well-known Android 4.0.4 exploit to hack into Google Glass.

Google Glass is the name for Google’s futuristic new set of glasses. Although consumer release is still about a year away, Google Glass Explorers (including celebrities, scientists, computer nerds, and more) are currently testing out Google Glass across the United States.

Hacked in 2 hours

Just how quickly was Google Glass hacked? Well, an Android and iOS developer named Jay Freeman recently received his developer’s copy of Google Glass with the intention of developing apps for it. But Freeman claims that he hacked the device in just two hours.

What can you do with hacked Google Glass?

Google Glass is powerful technology. Here are some of the things you can do if you manage to hack Google Glass:

-Fully control the device

-Bypass all security mechanisms put into place by Google

-‘Jailbreak’ the device in order to run applications and get around manufacturer-imposed restrictions

-Secretly record video and take pictures without the user’s knowledge

-Remotely control someone else’s Google Glasses

Root it and install unofficial software, apps, and other stuff on it

Google’s hilarious response

Google developer Tim Bray responded to the Google Glass hacking complaints:


Well, there you go. I’m not going to say Google doesn’t care about security, but they certainly know that Android is a hackable operating system. In any case, I would imagine Google Glass malware could be a problem for early adopters of the device next year – especially if you’re a high profile corporate exec who likes reading sensitive documents while wearing Google Glass.

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