We always knew that there was more malware on the internet today than at any point in history. However, today, Google revealed just how accurate that prediction was. The search engine giant claims that nearly 10,000 malicious websites appear each and every day.

Google even produced a few helpful graphs to show just how much of the internet has been taken over by malware and viruses.

This graph shows the number of attack sites discovered monthly over time. As you can see, the number was well below 1,000 websites per day in early 2007. Since then, that number has climbed, reaching peaks in 2010 and hitting a new high in 2012.


It’s frightening to think of the logistics of discovering 10,000 attack websites per day. That’s 3.65 million websites being discovered every year. And to make matters worse, that number represents only the websites that Google has discovered on the internet. The actual number of malicious websites popping up daily could be double or even triple that.

Google also produced a graph which showed the number of phishing attack sites on the internet. As you might know, phishing involves stealing somebody’s information through malicious means. For example, a hacker might setup a fake banking website that looks a lot like your bank’s official site. Then, when you try to enter your PIN and other sensitive data, that information is sent directly to the hacker’s email account.


As you can see, Google has noticed a sharp rise in phishing attacks all over the world.

What do these graphs mean? Do they mean that the internet will eventually be taken over by malware and viruses? Or does it mean that viruses are finally winning the war?

We think it means that the internet is just getting bigger. More and more developing countries are receiving cheaper internet access, and that makes it easier than ever for people all over the world to set up phishing attack websites.

While this information is certainly frightening, it’s not the end of the world. Download a good antivirus program and PC cleaning tool and your computer will be kept perfectly safe. With PC Cleaner Pro, you get award-winning PC protection and performance optimization tools for one low price.

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