Cyber-terrorism isn’t a very common word. However, it’s been in the news a lot this week. A recent book accused Obama of ordering the Stuxnet virus used against agents of Iran’s nuclear development program. That program was implemented with the collaboration of the Israeli government, the book claims.

The Stuxnet virus caused Iran’s nuclear reactor fans to operate faster than their suggested limits, causing permanent damage to Iran’s nuclear plants and perhaps jeopardizing Iran’s quest to become a nuclear country.

Clearly, cyber-terrorism can have profound effects on the real world, which is why it’s becoming more and more important. With the internet becoming a larger force in developing nations around the world, it has never been easier to exploit a country’s security online.

All of this cyber-terrorism has started to attract the attention of Google. Earlier today, Google started warning its users that they could be the victims of “state-sponsored cyber-attacks” directed at their Google and Gmail accounts.

Although Google didn’t specify which countries could be responsible for these cyber-attacks, it is likely connected to the recent conflict between Iran, Israel, and the United States. It could also be related to the Flame virus, which is so complex that many PC security experts say it could have only come from professionals in Israel or the United States.

If Google suspects you’ve been a target (or will be a target) of state-sponsored cyber-attacks, they’ll notify you with a quick email. That email will tell you to change your password, which is probably a good idea.

If a hacker is actually targeting your computer or your online accounts, then changing your password will probably not be enough to deter that person. Instead, try download computer optimization software like PC Cleaner Pro, which not only speeds up your computer, but it also enhances its security and deletes malware in the process.

Since malware could include programs like keyloggers and network traffic monitors, leaving them on your computer could be very dangerous for your personal security.

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