PC gamers had been waiting for Grand Theft Auto V to arrive on PC for over 1.5 years. They couldn’t wait to mod the game. But unfortunately, not all PC modders are nice people: one of the world’s most popular GTA 5 mods were recently discovered to contain malware.

It all started with a post on Reddit entitled:

“WARNING GTA PC USERS: Virus/Keylogger found inside [of] Angry Planes mod, possibly more mods”

You know that Angary Planes mod that looked like so much fun? The one where planes would swoop out of the sky and attack you? Yeah, that mod was found with a scary keylogging virus inside.

Here’s what one technologically-inclined Redditor had to say about the mod attack:

“Yes, I found that too. It blew right by Windows Defender btw, and was picked up by MalwareBytes scanner that I did. I installed the free version of BitDefender and it caught it too. Windows Defender? Nope. And the thing is, it’s just a .asi and .ini file you put in your GTA V folder. That’s it.”

Virus scanners don’t typically look for .asi and .ini files for malware – especially since these files are frequently accessed when you load up a game.

Making matters worse is that the Angry Planes mod was featured prominently in PC Gamer, Kotaku, IGN, and other major media outlets. Most people assumed it was safe.

Modders Aren’t Always to Blame

One of the tragic parts about the GTA 5 modding virus fiasco is that modders aren’t necessarily the ones to blame here.

According to some reports, modders are simply uploading their files onto the internet, and then watching malicious hackers steal those files, inject a keylogger, and wait for someone to click the wrong link.

In other words, the mod that someone worked so hard to make might end up with a bad reputation after a malicious third party stole the code.

angry planes 2

We don’t know if that’s the case with the Angry Planes mod. The creator of the mod could have just been a scumbag.

What To Do If You Downloaded GTA V PC Mods

If you downloaded multiple GTA 5 mods onto your PC, then you can’t assume that you’re safe. If you downloaded any type of mods, then you absolutely need to change your password as soon as possible.

(to date, only the Angry Planes mod has been found to definitely contain malware, but we can’t be 100% sure)

Change all your passwords, starting with your emails first. Then, change the passwords of any services you might have signed into before, during, or after playing GTA.

Change your Steam password, for example. Change your Amazon password. Both of these services let you charge an associated credit card without any additional confirmation than your password.

You have to assume that someone was tracking you every time you pressed your key. From Facebook to Twitter to your top secret CIA employee account, you need to change everything now.

Otherwise, our next headline will be something like “50,000 GTA V STEAM USERS PASSWORDS LEAKED” and yours will be on the list.

Where Should You Download GTA 5 Mods Now?

To date, the Angry Planes mod is the only major mod found to contain a keylogger. That doesn’t mean other mods are safe, but it does mean that the modding community in GTA V isn’t a toxic wasteland filled with malware.

At SpeedUpMyPCFree.com, we recommend downloading mods from Nexus Mods (http://www.nexusmods.com/gta5/), which has long been a reputable modding website for Fallout, Skyrim, and a slew of other popular PC games.

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