Not everyone can go technical. There are a few who can learn quickly and while there are some people who will just not be able to understand the technical side of life may how much they try. Well I belong to the second group and when I started to face problems with my computer I just could not do anything. I just got a new computer and may what ever I tried I could not make my computer faster. Initially it was working fine but gradually it started giving problems. I tried a lot of things but was unable to speed up my computer, unless I asked for help from my friend.

He not only helped to make my pc faster but also thought me the way I can make sure that it runs on the same speed. The first and the foremost thing that was thought to me was that the hard drive of the computer is like the little part that we have in our brain which helps us in building memory and if at all we have too many things in their we  cannot grasp more with ease. So the first step in learning how to speed up my pc was to make sure that all the unnecessary files and data needs to be deleted at all times. This step also included taking care of the temporary files and cookies that gets stored in the computer when we download of surf internet. When he did it for the first time I was able to make my pc run faster and could see the difference in no time.

At the same time I was also informed that if I am required to storage a lot of data on my computer I should increase the hard disk capacity to the maximum my computer could handle. The next step in learning how to make my pc run faster was to learn able the defragmentation option available on the computer. In simple worlds he told me that it works in the same manner, like we clean our closets on regular intervals to make sure that we are not waiting any space and can make new things to come easily. The option helped to speed up my computer by removing the excess space that was stuck between files and making the storage memory increase without any reason. In the same manner it is also important that you should be getting rid of the programs that you once loaded on your computer but have not been using now. This will make the work simpler for your computer as it will not have to continuously analyze those programs and will help in saving the energy for the other programs that you are required to use.

One thing that you should be taking care of at all times is that you should only open the tasks that are required. Opening extra pages only puts load on the computer and as a result you will face problem on the page you are planning to work on. As you know it is always easier to work in a clean environment whether at work or home in the same way it is easier for the computer to work when you make sure that it its memory is clean and organized for it to locate things and work on them. Too many additional tool options on the tool bar also make the performance go down. You might not be able to see a lot of change by deleting one or two of them but if you have a lot of them you will sure understand that it does hamper the performance of your computer at all times.

These small things can make a lot of difference to your working experience and will surly make you realize that what you were thinking to be a great deal of work was nothing. And if you are able to conduct these things on a regular based you will realize that you will not reach to the level where you will face such problems again. Irrespective of the fact that it is just a machine that we are talking about, it still requires your little time and effort to make sure that it is doing good.

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