Is your PC running more slowly now that you’ve had it a while? Sometimes it can be difficult to identify what is causing slow speed on your computer. The applications that you’ve installed and deleted over time as well as configuration settings and processes that run in the background can all negatively impact PC speed. For example, the registry file in your computer, which keeps track of installed programs and their components, can become clogged with out of date information and include old data about programs that have beene deleted causing a slowdown. To help improve the speed of your PC you need to identify the processes, files and settings that are causing the problem so that your computer will run at peak performance.

There are several things that you can do for yourself to improve your PC speed. For example, you should backup files you no longer use and free up space on your hard disk; even emptying the recycle bin can help – files are not completely deleted from your hard disk until you do this. Something else that has helped speed up my PC is removing temporary files. These files are created by various programs and web browsers and can slow down your PC. It’s a good idea to remobve the files that you no longer need including images and old documents. If you have a lot of programs that you no longer use sitting around on your PC you should uninstall them.

Use the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel to make sure that these programs are removed properly. You can also speed up a computer using software that is specifically designed for the task. Such software can remove spyware and other malware that can be difficult to remove without such a utility and will help speed up your PC.

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