How Fast Is Your Internet? Test It Today

How Fast Is Your Internet? Test It Today

If you’re a PC speed enthusiast, then you’re always looking for new ways to speed up your computer. One of the most noticeable ways to speed up your PC is to improve your internet speed. After all, if you’re like most people, then the internet is the primary thing you do on your PC.

But how exactly do you check internet speeds? It’s easy. Just click here to visit a website called That site features servers all over the world. It will automatically pick a server close to your geographic location and then test the upload and download speed of your network over that server.

The concept is simple but the information is useful. Here are some valuable things you can do with your internet speed test information:

-Compare the internet plan you pay for with the internet plan you’re actually receiving

-Find out your maximum download rate

-Monitor your internet speed before and after running a scan with PC Cleaner Pro to see how much your internet speed has improved

-Test the effects on internet speed when you turn your antivirus software off/on

-See how long it would take to download a file of a specific size (use this calculator for assistance)


To put download speeds into perspective, 100mbps is the fastest possible internet speed you can get for your home in North America. Unless you’re lucky enough to have Google Fiber service in your area, you probably don’t get speeds near that amount. Instead, most ISPs offer plans between 5mbps to 30mbps.

Download PC Cleaner Pro today to see how much it boosts your internet speeds!



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