How I Speed up my Computer

How I Speed up my Computer

Has your PC speed slowed to a crawl? Have you experienced a decrease in performance and an increase in unexplained system freezes and crashes? Scanning and optimizing your system’s registry file may be the answer to these problems. If I want to speed up my computer this is usually the first place I begin: by performing a scan of the registry and removing unwanted or out of date entries. This is because after you have used your computer for a while it becomes overloaded with registry entries from software installations and settings for applications that you no longer use or that have been uninstalled from your computer.

The registry is like a catalog in the library for programs on your computer; it contains profiles for each user, the applications installed and their documents as well as the hardware that exists on the system. Over time, as applications and programs are installed and removed, the registry becomes disorganized with outdated entries and files scattered throughout the file system. This can affect the speed of your computer causing a significant deterioration in performance. A good indication that this is the cause of PC speed problems is that when you start up your PC it takes much longer to do so than it used to. To speed up my computer I regularly perform a computer registry scan so that it is efficient and well organized.

There are several software programs that will identify and remove unused registry entries which will significantly boost your PC speed. In addition to fixing invalid registry entries these programs can also perform repairs on Internet Explorer, missing or corrupted DLLs, ActiveX controls and startup manager entries. There are many free registry scan programs available on the Internet that help you identify these problems; by purchasing the program you can also fix them.



  • Free Up Disk and Memory Space
  • Speed up your System
  • Fix System Errors And Crashes
  • Improve Internet Access
  • Boost Start-up Speed