At the Speed Up My PC Free blog, one of the most common questions we receive is about the price of speeding up a PC. Specifically, people ask how much it costs to speed up a computer.

There isn’t a specific dollar value answer to that question, but suffice to say that PC repair can cost anywhere from $1000 to free. Here is a basic guide to how much it will cost to speed up your PC:

Upgrading RAM – $50 to $150

RAM is an effective way to speed up a PC, but it’s certainly not free. It can also be difficult to install. You might have to open up your computer, remove old memory sticks, and figure out the right slot in which to place the new ones. A few gigabytes of extra RAM won’t cost more than $50 to $150, but if you need somebody to install that RAM for you, then it could cost quite a bit more than that.

Upgrading video card – $150 to $1000

If you want to play the latest video games, then prepare to pay approximately $300 to $500 for a decent video card. While budget video cards can be priced as low as $150, and premium video cards as high as $1000, the ideal range is between $300 and $500. If you want your computer to continue running the latest video games at high graphics settings, you’ll probably have to pay about $400 every three years, along with whatever other upgrades you want to make.

Upgrading your Operating System – $40 to $130

In many cases, upgrading your Operating System (OS) is an effective way to speed up a computer. An OS upgrade involves switching to a new version of Windows. Windows 8 will be released on October 26, 2012, and once it’s released, any Windows user can upgrade to that new OS for just $40 – even if you’re still using Windows XP. In most cases, a new Windows OS license will cost you approximately $80 to $130.

Of course, some operating systems – like Linux – are completely free. Unfortunately, Linux operating systems are often reserved for more advanced users, and they feature tricky installation processes and limited program support. That being said, Linux OSes continue to rise in popularity, and that means better user support than ever before.

Performing a scan with PC Cleaner Pro – Free!

If you’re looking for ways to speed up a PC free, then look no further than PC Cleaner Pro. This powerful program was once solely used by those in the tech industry. Today, PC Cleaner Pro is used by people of all levels of technical knowledge. It features an accessible interface that anybody can use to scan their PC for free – just click a big button and away you go.

Scanning your PC with PC Cleaner Pro is 100% free. During a scan, the program will identify hundreds of potential trouble spots on your system. These problem areas are causing your PC to freeze, lockup, and slow down. In order to fix these trouble spots and fix up your PC, you’ll need to upgrade to the full version of PC Cleaner Pro for $39.95. Fortunately, the premium version can be used an unlimited number of times, which means your PC will continue to run as fast as possible for years into the future.

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